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an ode to oddity #4

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A peek at the new wave of heartland grooves coming from the indian alt music scene.

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  • She digs a whippersnapper by The Jeepers
  • 2. Lights and tunnels by Neel and the lightbulbs
  • This Be The Beat by stinc
  • We Are We Are by thesupersonics
  • Newbury Street by Nischay Parekh
  • Grain & Ankur Tewari (Free Download!) by A Distant Rumble
  • Lens Life by Spud In The Box
  • Kali FINAL by Gandu Circus Official
  • Alley Cats by Madboy/Mink
  • Shukriya by Ankur Tewari
  • Isoterra (Dal Lake Edit) by Dualist Inquiry
  • Aaj Ki Taaza Fikar by Swarathma
  • Dancing! Dancing! by The Ganesh Talkies
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