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kaiju bros (auf deutsch)


I haven't been able to find any German Kaiju Bros fanmixes, so I made one myself. Most of these songs are for both of them, but a couple are more Newt centric. (I also wanted to include Leider Geil by Deichkind, because I thought it fit Newt - particularly his love of the Kaiju - but it didn't really fit with this mix...)

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It's seriously a crime that this only has 78 listens. It's my favorite Newmann playlist of all time. It's exactly the genre/sound of music that suits them mixed with their native tongue with translated lyrics that actually fit their dynamic and characters. There is not a song out of place. It's not overpowering and there's not any sudden changes in tone. It's just so well constructed. It's the fanmix the fandom deserves, but not the one it's ready for right now I guess. I won't make that a direct quote from Batman because it is the one everyone needs, they just don't know it. Gah I'm rambling. Basically this mix fills a hole in my heart, brightens my study time, and generally makes me happy about its existence. Well done.

OMFG, I'm blushing so hard right now. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it that much! I just really, really wanted a German fanmix for them...