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「i hope i don't murder me, i hope i don't burden you.」

a mix about my personal experience of living with borderline personality disorder.
this is also in honor of the month of may, a.k.a. BPD awareness month !

i was diagnosed with it when i was 15, going on 16. i still remember my diagnosis being bittersweet -- i could finally put a name to the thoughts, feelings, and drive that drowned everything out, but it came at the price of how much it'd drain not only me, but those dearest to me, on a day to day basis. these days, i still feel it becoming heavier and heavier on me, but it's something i can one day be able to hopefully overcome. no matter how loud it gets.

( p.s. -- i forgot the art source, once i find it again i'll update accordingly. orz )

8 tracks
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half a year later, and this mix is still getting lots of attention. thank you everyone for enjoying it ! i truthfully had a lot of fun making this mix, it was very personally insightful, and it makes me so happy others can enjoy and possibly relate to it.