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For what you did to me, and what I'll do to you.


"You and me, we're infinite. We're going to keep repeating history, this little song and dance, until i find a world where you say yes."

"That's all you want? That's what it would take to stop this madness?"

"A real yes my sweet, not a martyr, not you playing the noble sacrifice for the thousandth time. I want a you that wants me to stop because of what it would do to me; because you care about me, not because you love someone i'd murder if you don't say yes."

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Your playlist is really amazing! I really loved it! But can I ask about the little text in your notes? Is it yours, like, did you write it? 'Cause I loved it and I want to know if there's more? Sorry if I'm bothering you!

c@Pseudo V Omg hi, you're not bothering me, don't worry! Yes the text is mine, it's from an original piece that i'm writing. It's part of a dialog between the main character and one of the antagonists. The playlist is them music/inspiration to motivate me to get to this scene. I'm so thrilled you liked it. <3 http://8tracks.com/kuriyami/a-trickle-down-disaster#smart_id and http://8tracks.com/kuriyami/don-t-say-at-least-things-can-t-get-any-worse are two other playlists that are from the same story as this one.