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The Undone Universe I: Saga, Fallout, Glimpse


Built as an accompanying mix to Teyke's fanfic series "The Undone Universe", this is the first in a series of mixes to be uploaded over a period of time.

"Tony falls into the closing portal, but he doesn’t make it out the other side before it snaps shut. Trapped in a universe where time runs oddly when mortals blink, and accompanied by a Not-Quite-Dead Steve Rogers, Tony mouths off to a goddess of death, goes cross-dressing with Thor and Loki, and learns to hate Asgardian engineering. Oh, and he may have caused the end of the universe as they know it."


16 tracks
1 comment on The Undone Universe I: Saga, Fallout, Glimpse

You made soundtrack for one of the best Avengers fic series out there - also one of my all times favourite: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Here, have some internet space cookies you wonderful person.