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A Soundtrack to Elephant Gun & A Moment's Grace


1: Lira's Theme
2: Harry's Theme
3: Welcome to Wicklow
4: Running around Wicklow
5: Dancing at the underground bar
6: Lira playing piano for Harry
7: First kiss
8: Outside Wicklow (Harry's history and flower bouquets)
9: Hiding from the bombs
10: Sleepovers
11: Waking up/Harry's capture
12: Blooming flowers
13: Harry in quarantine
14: AMG flashback (Harry trying to save Bridie and Gemma)
15: Running to free Harry/caught in the river
16: Hiding in the basement of the library
17: A Moment's Grace final moments (Harry searching for Lira/hospital)
18: Elephant Gun final moments (running across Wicklow in wedding dress/hospital)

18 tracks