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stories, V

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~i honestly don't know what i do with my life besides watch dramas:

-master's sun (do yourself the favor of watching this, pls!)
-you who came from the stars (perfection!)
-heirs (wasn't all it was hyped up to be but whatever)
-angel eyes (the first three episodes, so much)
-the moon that embraces the sun (amazing!)
-that winter, the wind blows (crying TT)

  • Driving Me Crazy by Hyorin
  • You And I (Master's Sun OST) by Hong Dae Kwang
  • Touch Love (주군의태양 OST Part.4) By Two Limes by u-ana
  • Day And Night (낮과 밤) [Master's Sun OST] by SeoAiNe
  • Seo In Kook by No Matter What
  • All About by 멜로디데이 (Melody Day)
  • Last One [Master’s Sun OST] by Youme (유미) feat. Joosuc
  • My Destiny (OST. You Who Came from the Stars) by Lyn
  • 효린(Hyolyn) by 효린(HYOLYN)
  • Like A Star by K.Will
  • Tears Like Today (Ost My Love From Another Star) by Huh Gak
  • Sung Shi Kyung [My Love From The Star OST Part 8] by Every Moment With You
  • Moment (The Heirs OST Part.3 [상속자들 OST Part.3 ]) by Changmin(이창민 [2AM])
  • The Heirs OST by the heirs oST
  • Two People by The Heirs OST
  • Crying Again by The Heirs OST Part.6
  • 사랑해도 너무나 (Love Too Much) [Angel Eyes OST] by Yoon Gun
  • Three Things I Have Left (내게 남은 세가지) [Angel Eyes OST] by Baek Ah Yeon
  • LYn – Back In Time (The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST Part. 2) by HALONEKO25
  • I Hope It's Not [The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST Part.5] by Lee Ki Chan
  • 그대 한 사람 OST TMETS Part 6 by Kim Soo-Hyun
  • ost. the moon that embraces the sun by Heora
  • And One ( Ost. The Winter The Wind Blows ) by Taeyeon SNSD
  • Snow Flower(That Winter, The Wind Blows OST part.3) by Gummy
  • SUPER JUNIOR Yesung_ Gray paper . ost The winter The wind blows by nadia kristanto
  • Tears Fallin(That Winter,The Wind Blows OST Part.4) by Kim Bo Ah(Spica)
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