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This is a mix dedicated to the Harry Styles fanfic 'Psychotic.' A brief summary for who doesn't read it:

Harry Styles is put into Wickendale hospital for supposedly skinning three women, when he meets Rose. Rose is a worker at the institute and she is more close to the patients than anyone else. So this is how she finds out, is the green eyed womanizer innocent, or is he guilty? And if he is innocent.. then who skinned the women?

  • Paramore (Male Version) by Fences
  • These Four Walls by Miley Cyrus
  • Kiss It All Better by He Is We
  • Trading Yesterday (Female Version) | Cover by Daniela De Felice by She Is The Sunlight
  • One Day by Trading Yesterday
  • Filter-happy together (The Great Gatsby) by YouTube
  • Glory and Gore by Lorde
  • Battle Scars (Lupe Fiasco Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Faction (Official)
8 tracks