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Our Wedding Mix

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Love the list after hearing only first 3 songs haha. Marry You my hubby to be and I are walking into our reception with and It's Your Love is our first dance song which his dad is playing guitar and singing for us. July 28 2012 is the date and I am working on my vows. Needed some music while working on stuff :) By the way random is not always a bad thing, Random can be a great thing and fun. Not only is it the couples day so they have what they like and want, but guests would like the mixture of music to please all or at least 85, 90% of the guests. My mom likes country among lots of other stuff so I am the same and my hubby and his family are HUGE country fans. funny our wedding planner doesn't like country. We have given our DJ a long list of songs which include lots of country, but lots of other stuff we like so that people can hear more than just country. I love a variety myself. Thanks for the great list and good job. Hope wedding was or will be great.