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Washed Out


No matter how "depressing" shoegaze and dream pop may seem, it seems to put me in a better mood. This is a rainy day playlist; if you can't be outside, may as well give this one a shot. It just might make your day.

Eighteen tracks including music by Adorable, My Bloody Valentine, and Slowdive.

18 tracks
6 comments on Washed Out

shoegaze is one of those genres of which i don't think i'll ever tire. there's a lot out there, but honestly my bloody valentine is probably the best of the lot. i can listen to them all. day. long.

I dig that this mix is a blend of a few of my own dreamy favorites as well as very good songs that I haven't heard yet. There's seemingly an infinite amount of music I need to check out in the future, haha.