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What Happened Here?


For a very long time I thought that being over someone meant you didn't love them anymore. But with you, I'm not sure that's ever going to be true. I may not love you the way I used to, but I think a part of me will always care for you. I'll always want you to be happy, even if it makes me sad in the process. And I'll always love the memories I have of us, when we were both crazy for each other, even if those feelings are long gone. Oh yes, I'm over you. But I still care about you.

  • Your Song Ellie Goulding by Holyshitniallhoran
  • The End by Ellie Goulding
  • Make It To Me by Kylie Rae.
  • Retrograde by James Blake
  • Nirvana by Kylie Rae.
  • White Morning by • Seoul •
  • Miss You by Ed Sheeran
  • I'm Glad I'm Not You by Ed Sheeran
8 tracks