L. Atta
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Celtic Pride


One day our soul returns and so the story continues....

Listen my mix "Celtic Soul": http://8tracks.com/l-atta/celtic-soul

  • T.F.T. by Saor Patrol
  • Celtic by stinogoal
  • Cry Of The Celts by Ronan Hardiman
  • Medieval romania bagpipes by black_bird
  • Taste o' Auld an' Noo by Saor Patrol
  • Clancy Brothers by CLANCY BROTHERS
  • Traditional Irish Folk Song by Celtic Women
  • Burning of the Clavie by grensir
8 tracks
6 comments on Celtic Pride

Hi Matt,
sorry, I haven't found the name of the song. But listen to music and type the lyrics on google =) So, I think you can find it.