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Melancholic Solitude

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I listen to this playlist regularly since years and also love a lot of your other lists. Really: thanks for all that great work! Just one question: I recently discovered that one of my favorite playlists apparently doesn't exist anymore.. I'm not completely sure if it was done by you too, to be honest. But I think it was. I don't know the exact name, but it had a dandelion as cover-image. Maybe I'm completely wrong, and you aren't the creator... ;). If you are not: Sorry for bothering you. If you are: Still sorry for bothering you ;).. but is there a special reason why you removed it and is there a possibility, that you'll ever put it online again? Anyways: Once more a big "THANK YOU" for all of your great work!

@lifeflow Hi sorry for the late response, I haven't signed into 8tracks in awhile. Unfortunately, that was not me who removed it. I dont know what happened to it but I can't find it anywhere on my playlists. Sorry for that :(

@La.Dolce.Vita Hey. Thanks for your answer. Well, back then, when I wrote you, I did some "research" via google and found something (luckily you mentioned the word "dandelion" in the playlist description). It seems that 8tracks took some of the songs of the list offline (they once removed everything that was linked to soundcloud, as far as I know) and so your playlist fell below 8 tracks and became inactive.
However, a link the "dead" playlist was/is still findable via google and shows the name of all tracks, which were included ( ) .
So, by this list you should be able to rebuild your list, if you want...
Anyways: I hope you are not angry, but back then, when I found that list, I decided to search those songs and rebuild the list on my own, so I can listen to it again, because it was/is so great ;).
It can be found here:
(I added one additional song).
If you decide to rebuild the list on your own, I'll take mine offline of course.

Awesome. I have a playlist which includes a bunch of your choices. But yours are still better, more organized by the feeling. Congratulations.

Ive probably listened to this playlist 40 times. And I have to say that the title is just a perfect encapsulation of the music. Its brilliant

I always listen to this when I'm studying. It's the best mix ever! Thank you and bless you for creating such a beautiful mix <3333