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On A Clear Day I Can See Forever


Like the seeds of a Dandelion all my delicate feelings, and memories of you float away in the wind. Somewhere under this blue sky, I hope they are reaching you.

  • Nostalgia by Joe Hisaishi
  • [Kirin] Mirai Nikki ost. Here with You (Piano) by Kiora Kirin
  • Marilyn's Theme by Conrad Pope
  • Autumn In My Heart (Instrumental).wmv by Galih Okta Siwi
  • sorrow by Gundam Seed OST 10
  • 13 κrOnё by lickysensei
  • Euphoria by Mina Kubota
  • 이루마-봄의 왈츠 (Spring Waltz) by Piano Version
  • Hwang Jin Yi ost by Hwang Jin Yi Ost
  • 現在很想見你/穿越時空 by 松谷卓
  • Serenade by Summer Scent
  • Snow Powder by Remioromen
12 tracks
5 comments on On A Clear Day I Can See Forever

This mix is truly made from a lot of pleasant memories that can never leave ones heart. I have been listening to this almost every day at some point where i need to clear my mind form all the chaos around. It is truly a beautiful collection and i must say (even tho i have never met u ) you have a beautiful heart. Music connects us all, no matter the distances.

@derrick.o Thank you so much! Comments like yours is part of the reason why I continue sharing mixes on this site. It's so great to see that people are as affected as I am when they listen to music. You put it perfectly when you said it connects us all. I'm really honored that my mix in particular reached out to you :)

Hello there, this is my very first post on 8tracks (and 8tracks is a important thing for me for years, since here I found the possibility to find the right music for my very own moods and feelings). It's a shame that I've still not done one playlist on my own (I've thought about it very often but till now I was always too busy.. nah.. probably rather too lazy). But at least I write my first comment now - so feel honored that it's just here ;D.
.. Ok seriously now: I just wanna say "thank you". I don't know if I have already heard all of your mixes (since you have done a lot..). Everything from you, I've listened to over the time is great.
I think btw this kind of expression ( creating these collections and share the music you love and that touches the different parts of you) can tell a lot of people. So: you are great ;).
Thanks again and please continue.

Oh.. last thing.. actually the main reason why I decided to write ^^":
I love this mix.. ok.. nothing new ;). But I also have just read those lines in the description just now. They fit so seamlessly perfect with the mood I have (or get?) when I listen to it.
Are written by yourself. Would not surprise me now..
Anyway: Great work you are doing and thank you (for the third time now :D)!

Wow I am really honored by your comment. Thank you so much for listening to my mixes :) I am really glad that I'm able to share them with people all over the world. You're right, creating mixes is like sharing a part of yourself. To me, it's similar to creating art, because you express yourself through music. So I'm very touched to hear that you enjoyed my mixes so much.

I did actually write the description myself! :D It was exactly what i was feeling at the time I made this mix. It's amazing to think that someone else felt the exact same way. Thank you again for listening to my mixes.

This is a very beautiful mix. It is soft, relaxing, calming, and not too fast nor too slow. It is, simply put, perfect background music and it is helping me oh so much in giving me the momentum to keep working on my essays. Thank you from the bottom of mine heart :)