8tracks is a community founded on curation, authentic interaction, and the principle that music is personal. Listeners love 8tracks for its depth of selection, which leads to less repetition and higher-quality music discovery. Our audience is mostly aged 18-24 -- a higher concentration than any other digital music service -- and has the best music taste around (we’ll admit we’re biased).

As a community of musical tastemakers -- 6 million strong and growing -- 8tracks is ideal for labels looking to promote new releases. We have many ways to feature your content to our audience (first tip: make it good!), and you can embed any playlist from 8tracks onto your own website with our HTML5 player.

Atlantic, Ghostly International, Kompakt, Elektra, Rhino, 200 Records, Terrorbird, and Paper Garden are among the labels already using 8tracks as a promotional tool. Here's how it works:

  • Create a profile for your label and we'll hook you up with the 8tracks label badge and help promote your mixes
  • Add the 8tracks player to your website; we built it in HTML5 to allow for playback on the iPad and other mobile devices
  • 8tracks users promote your mixes by embedding and sharing with friends
  • Send customers to the digital music store of your choice with custom URLs for each track
  • You can use your 8tracks account to create label samplers, themed mixes from your artists, or just highlight what you're listening to or what's inspiring your label.

We also have ways to promote your content directly to our DJs -- the everyday curators who make mixes that drive trends across our entire site. You can opt to participate in our new, online music library, and we’ll place your music in the 8tracks cloud for all to discover.

Contact us here to get started.