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Winter Is Coming


Been playing with this since the end of Game of Thrones S1, & now S2 is about to start I figured I'd finally post it. I had about 5 different Mountain Goats songs on the longlist, you have no idea how hard that was to cut down. Beautiful Gas Mask was my runner up: I was sad to get rid of it because it makes me think of the Eyrie & the fucked up Mother Courage shit in books 2 & 3, but Sax fits the theme better. Enjoy & tell me what your ASoIaF songs are!

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Wow, wasn't expecting "Gold Lion" but now that I'm listening? I see it. Jon going all sexy on the sword training, hahaha....or Robb totes bossin something up. Or Tyrion being....Tyrion. Yeah. I like it. Thank you for opening my mind :)