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brother, lover, destroyer.



a mix for the norse god Loki, who reigns over chaos, mischief and lies, complete with annotations.

this mix works as a timeline for mythology!Loki, and is based on the most important events of the mythos in which Loki appears.

(Sleipnir will be added in the future)

17 tracks
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This is incredible; thank you so much! Also, if you're still looking:, I would suggest "Swift Horse" by Kow Otani, from the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack.

@SummerNightSounds thank you!!! i have to say this mix is basically a permanent wip... i need to come back to it someday!!! i'll be listening to this song, thanks for bringing it up! :)

You might like to investigate Lorraine McKennet's "Night Ride Across The Caucasus" when you get to the sleiphner part of the cycle - it has a nice cantering-equine rhythm to it and is in the theme of the music I've heard so far on the list (I'm only a few songs in so far) You've selected well for an epic, mythos sort of feel. I look forward to hearing the rest of it.

@Fabricmagpie ! I will indeed check it out, Lorraine McKenneth's voice is magic! I have yet to return and truly work on this mix again, but it will eventually happen. Thank you!!

Just wanted to drop a note that I also find "I See Fire" to be very much a Loki song. I first heard it somewhere else on 8tracks and didn't initially realize the Hobbit connection (clearly I wasn't listening to every single lyric) and I immediately thought: "This is Loki!" And even after listening to it a whole bunch more, paying attention to the lyrics and how much it's about that story... it's STILL Loki to me. So ... just wanted to say that. I feel ya on that song. (And I like the rest of the mix too: it's just that is the only thing I felt moved to comment about) :)

@Corvicula1979 Hey, it's always great to hear back from listeners, especially with things like this! I See Fire really has some Loki vibes going on and I'm glad you felt it too!

This playlist is amazing! I love it! I was wondering, though, what the original order for the tracks is? Because it automatically shuffles now, and I'd like to know where the songs without annotations stand in the list.

@artistinagony oh god, sorry it took me this long to get back to you!!! must've forgotten to check my notifications :_ the original order would be: 1. Karliene - Last of the Giants 2. Kat Karnie - Born Clever 3. Gladiator OST - Now We Are Free 4. Avatar OST - You Don't Dream In Cryo 5. Bat For Lashes - Siren Song 6. Arcana- Autumnal 7. Mr. Nobody OST - Theme i think? 8. Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince OST - In Noctem 9. Libera - Sancte Solo Liam Connery 10. The Ballad of Ianto Jones 11. Angels & Demons OST - i60 BOM 12. In Time OST - Main Theme 13. ES Posthumus - Unstoppable 14 . Music from The Desolation of Smaug's trailer by Age of Dragons 15. Zack Hemsey - End of an Era 16. Ed Sheeran - I see fire

I was always using the mobile app so I never got to see the annotations, now I listened to it again and I was given first feels then chills...Amazing mix and it captures the theme all too well. Oh one small thing, the song just before "Ragnarok" has no annotation, I figured it was something about Loki breaking free and setting to destroy the worlds, maybe the site is malfunctioning with me and I am just not seeing it.

@MisanthropicScientist This is very flattering aaaa!!! Thank you for putting what you felt in words, 'tis the best when i get to hear what you guys think.

And yes, it does have an annotation that's basically your guess, so congrats! It says "Loki escapes the cave and joins the hordes of Helheim, Jotunheim and Musspeleim. Fenrir breaks free from his chains. It's the onset of Ragnarök." I've had this problem happen quite a few times with this mix, 8tracks eats some of the annotations or mixes them up real good... I swear to god, if i got a penny for every time i've had to re-order, replace, rewrite an annotation or hunt my own tracks, I'd be richer than Bill Gates!!!

@hi_kenzie_here Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you liked this mix and it ressounded with your religious persona! One of these days I'll come back and work a bit on it, there are quite a few things to be added :)

As someone who appeals to Loki on a religious level, I was hoping there would be a compilation here to appreciate the God for more than simply that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that many have come to know. Thank you for fulfilling that wish. This was beautiful and well done. I'm now going to listen to it for the umpteenth time today.

Thank you so much for taking your time to write me these lines, I appreciate it more than I can possibly say...! This is an ongoing mix, meaning that I'm always adding new songs -and their annotations- whenever I find the time and the will. I'm glad this mix echoed in you. May you fare well with your tides and winds!

@labyrinthinification I will look forward to it. It's my favorite mix on here :D I actually made one of my own for Loki because I was pretty inspired by this, but, honestly, mine is not as amazing. I don't have all the annotations to describe how each of them give me a certain connection to his story-- mine's just based on feelings. Also, my apologies that I believe I used one of the same songs. I'd consider the slight similarity a homage to your amazing efforts here (:

@rdjesus OMG??? This is awesome!!!! I feel very flattered... I'm listening to Lies & Legends right now and let me tell you, I am loving it! As for annotations, I don't think they are necessary at all, the mix flows on its own (also Two Steps from Hell aremy go-to band for epic-ness, they are just perfect!). Don't worry about the song, it's inevitable that we get influenced by the many mixes around this website and that some songs end up in our own <3 Good job!!!

@labyrinthinification Thank you so much. I think mine, like yours, will be more of an evolving sort of list as I come across songs that I feel justly capture his likeness, but I will always consider this the pinnacle of sorts as I had been searching for something in homage to Loki and yours had been the only one without emphasis on Marvel Loki. Don't misunderstand, I feel that Tom does a spectacular job capturing his spirit (hence why I used him on the cover), but the actual myths of Loki are invaluable to me-- and often now it seems overlooked. But not by you. And that makes me so happy. <3 Also, I am thinking of working some of the myths into my own sort of story with Loki as its central character and branching off slightly from their massy produced origins to create something that is my own. Perhaps, if I start doing anything of real merit with it, you might like to have a look :D

@rdjesus Yeah, since the Marvel Cinematic Universe brought Loki to the big screen I find it a bit harder to the myth-only Loki, which I don't really mind, being a Marvelite myself, but damn, I love mythology more than I could possibly say!
And YES! I'd love to have a look at your work whenever it starts breathing on its own <3

@labyrinthinification Maybe I'll write it a good portion of it while browsing your mix :D It definitely has firmly planted roots of inspiration! Also, I added a few more songs to mine-- somehow I feel this thing is going to grow wings and fly away with itself. A friend of mine once said that once you find something you truly connect with spiritually, whatever that may be, it takes over your existence. I'd say, in this case, that is decidedly true.