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4 comments on FALLEN

OMG, I was looking for a mix to inspire me to write and this is just perfect, thank you.
And it fits perfectly the WS. War Pigs is one of my favorite songs.

Thanks! Ca I get a link to the writting when it's ready? My hunger for WS-related works knows no end. (War Pigs is one fo my faves too!!!)

This mix is awesome, that remix of 'War Pigs' is so perfect. One thing I would suggest though is the russian version of 'Dangerous and Moving' but obviously it's only a suggestion :)

Oh wow, I totally forgot there was the russian version! I love it, I will think about adding it... It being in russian is a plus, although I really like hearing "dangerous and moving", fits the WS like a glove... Agh! I've got to think about it. Thanks anyway, it's always lovely to hear from listeners, it brightens my day :')