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a mix for when the past rises to wrap its hands around your neck, for when skin once so welcoming turns to cold steel, for when names are only remembered for as long as wounds don't heal (but happiness scars deeper)

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10 tracks
4 comments on GHOST OF YOU

holy shit.. this fanmix is simply amazing. it's exactly my taste in music, too, so that helps XD This is exactly the kind of mix that I feel fits them post-WS. And you used so many songs I loved and the ones I didn't, were a very pleasant surprise *-* This is definitely on my top 3 favorite stucky fanmixes of all time t stop listening to it.

@jayslovebats WOW thank you tons!! i usually find myself having multiple musical genres for a single film, so i end up making tons of fanmixes and this one is the kind that i'm usually more unsure of, so again, thank you tons!

@labyrinthinification oh I know what you mean! My music taste is the most random thing ever (seriously, people who actually listen to any mixes I make must mean I'm friggin nuts xd) but I feel like THIS appeals to a side of my music taste that is very dear to me and that, quite honestly, I hadn't visited in a while d like to know! C:)

@labyrinthinification I don't know why 8tracks deleted part of my comment? but I said in the last part that I forgot to mention it in my first comment, but the ghost of you, hatefuck and the worm and the bird can't be heard, and even though I didn't mind going to youtube at all, I thought you'd like to know :)