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i was just a (bad) dream


some say you don't dream in cryo but he keeps waking up with a face and a name on the tip of his tongue.

some would think that time and ice would have eroded the ghost that haunts his memory, but he knows better.

this is a mix for lovers lost where love was not.

This mix has three parts: Bucky (1-5), Steve (6-10) and Waking up (11-13). Tracklist can be found here:

12 tracks
3 comments on i was just a (bad) dream

I'm totally in love with your stucky mixes! I've been listening to them for a couple of days and walking around with the silliest smile on my face because FEELINGS and awesome music!

@sleepsonclouds oh my god thank you so much!!! I had such an intense stucky phase and the amount of mixes i made still amazes me... It means the world to me that you say so, especially on this one, the black sheep of them all and yet one of the most thought-out i made!!! Thank you!!!!