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for Hans 12/15/2011

4 comments on for Hans 12/15/2011

however much later, this is still something that melts me. I always wonder how you are. My god, we are distant as extreme as we we once were close. mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. spam.

i dont know how often, or if at all, you are adding any songs to this? but, any case; if you have the time, you could make another mix. and another. i check to see if you've made new ones, it would make it easy to notice if you've ever touched it. even though i understand if you dont want to make any more for me, ha. its a pain, i would think.

i can't believe you put orbiting on here. holy shit i immediately broke into tears; ha. i wonder if you expected to make me cry with this? you must have known. i dont think i've been so relieved with a cry in this way, though. so, i mean; thank you for this. thank you. i ...just, th.. yeah, thank you. a lot.