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Apocalypse Now and Later


Fanmix for my fic by the same name.

If Familiars, the government and life at TC wasn't hard enough for Alec and the other transgenics, the world is apparently ending - again. This time, it has to do with angels, demons, and a pair of brothers by the name of Winchester.

13 tracks
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Track list:
1) Angela's Despair - The One That Got Away
2) Alec Dreams of Freedom in TC - Icarus
3) Meeting at the Crossroads - Caretan: Speirs' Speech
4) Angela and The Morningstar - Cosmic Love
5) Revelation to the Winchesters - Blood on My Hands
6) Alec leaves TC - Blink
7) Road Trip with the Winchesters
8) The Quest Begins - The Battle of Evermore
9) Angela and the Demon Blood - Whispers in the Dark
10) Alec's Nightmares - The Impossible Planet
11) The Battle - 160 BPM
12) "It's okay. It's over." - Darkness, Darkness
13) Military Coup - The aftermath of the battle and the return