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Disturbed Soil; Silent Slaves; Screaming Souls {{Cormag}}


A boy, lost
A thousand souls he'd take, and a thousand more
He'd chill you, kill you, conduct symphonies at your gravestone
He's waiting on the other side of death's cold door
Waiting like a vulture, to pick your bones

//This is a little mix centered on my old Gael vampire and Necromancer Cormag; resurrector and sire of Rowan, hunter of men, craven for bloodshed eternally. He looks far and wide for his last fledgling, longing to hunt with him again and know the companionship of a fellow merciless lord of night, slaughtering innumerable mortals along the path he takes to find him, and claiming their corpses for his unholy use. These are his anthems.

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