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A Playlist that sort of created itself while I was working on artwork for "Scars" by Arvensis in the WinterIron Bang. Some remind me specifically of the story, and some just remind me of the pairing. Includes a folk song that is as old as Steve and Bucky, two songs from Broadway, some favorites from artists you know, and maybe some lesser known songs that you don't or just haven't heard in a while. I added explanations in the annotations where I think a normal person might have thought I lost the plot completely- If you wonder about any of the ones I didn't annotate, please ask!

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Love this play list!! Especially since it's introduced me to Halsey. I love her Badlands album! I've been listening practically nonstop for the last 3 days! Thank you for sharing!

HOLY FUCK l loved the fic but this playlist... oh my god... no words, just... ok... this is fantastic! thank you for this whole experience!