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Ancient Tranquillity


The perfect music to relax and think, giving you that special rétro, elegant, quiet atmosphere you need. (I often listen to this kind of music when I'm having late breakfast or drinking my afternoon tea.)

♫ Selected piano, violin and lute pieces by Franz Schubert, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi & more.

[Cover by Godward]

18 tracks
4 comments on Ancient Tranquillity

veey nice Beethoven choice! but many tracks (mostly composers) aren't correctly written. I know, this is automatically wrong correction, but still. and of course, very nice collection. slow and relaxing with many gold tunes. special thanks for cover. great choice!

Thank you! I know some tracks don't have the correct name - some of them are in Italian because of the original file in my pc - and 8tracks, as you said, automatically changes them and it won't let me correct them :(
However, thank you again for your lovely comment and I am sooo glad you like Godward!