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Elves at the opera


What kind of music would Elves listen to in their theatres? That's how I imagine it would be like.

[Hours of sweet opera tunes, including Elvish songs and choirs, selected for writing, studying, relaxing]

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35 tracks
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Thank you for this remarkable list. I enjoyed every piece of it. I believe you are one of those people who knows how to awaken the unexplainable in many others.

Hi there! :) I really love this mix, it helped me a bunch last year with my paper. I'd love to listen to it again but now I'm bound to listen to the youtube version (I'm outside US), and not all the songs match up. :( Would it be okay for you if I recreate this playlist on playmoss? It's a site similar to 8tracks but you can directly link to the correct youtube videos. Ofcourse I would give you credit and link back here to you on 8tracks. If not I understand, and if you happen to have a playmoss account of yourself, please tell me so I can follow you. :)

Hi! The mix is gorgeous, just wanted to let you know that the track "Galadriel's song" is sung by the band Caprice ( |, album Elvenmusic 2

@hello-cheshire thank you darling! i will surely make other mixes like this, if you want you can also check out my first part of the mix 'raised by the elves' :)

Every time you post something new, I know I am going to spent my next hour with my headphones and black tea, wandering in your colourful world of music.
It is rather rare to find something so exquisitely unique and eclectic. Incredible playlist. Well done once again.
PS: I am so glad this is 2+ hours.

such a precious, heart-warming comment, really! it was rather risky mixing opera and fantasy tunes, they could not have a nice flow but i am eventually glad of all your feedback :)