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I am no bird


Wear a gown and bonnet, let your inner romantic soul prevail. Warning: tears and feelings might influence your listening experience. If symptoms persist, consult your local library.

Ispired by my favourite classic literature characters (Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennet, Margaret Hale, Catherine Earnshaw, Cosette, Lily Briscoe, Anna Karenina and many more...). Lots of violin and heart-wrenching soundtracks.

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this is one of my absolute favourites on 8tracks! it is so wonderfully atmospheric and really captures the feel of victorian novels and gothic romances. thank you for this masterpiece!!

Love me some literature-related playlists! Especially when you list some of my favourite female characters. Thank you ever so much for this ;) I was so happy to hear 'Stillness of The Mind'! An excellent choice. Oh and all the North and South feels....Can't get over that novel.

@Ninuska thank you so much! north & south was one of my most recent readings after watching the bbc series :) a wonderful novel. glad you liked