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sublime choral / vocal harmonies to get you to another peaceful dimension.
Just close your eyes and listen to the angels singing.

mostly chants from various religious traditions with some contemporary intermission
'bis orat qui bene cantat' - St. Augustine

[cover: Dawn by W. A. Bouguereau]

11 tracks
7 comments on let my soul ascend

beautiful!! definitely my favourite playlist at the moment, for studying and otherwise. makes me wish i could be back in my middle school choir!

Hope you had a great birthday, with thousands cheering you from around the world. Too bad we couldn't have thrown you in the pool, or gotten you drunk and painted funny slogans on your forehead. But, sigh, such is the digital space, still filled with love, but remote. I still hope there was love at hand, and, of course, lots of beautiful music.

Thankyou Thankyou! A lovely soundtrack to this cold, rainy November day, as I sit here chained to my taxes, failing, with some grim satisfaction, at staying on task. You have made this day one those magical movie moments, when the sensitive hero stares out over his failing estate, wondering with heavy heart "why did she go to Canada? Canada!" I prefer this to the reality of this dark day near Toronto, with the drip of cold rain and the endless line of uncaring numbers.