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Magnolias near the Xiang river


Traditional / ancient Chinese music played with dizi, xiao, guqin and more, with some soundtrack influences. I was inspired by the spring weather and the flowery chinese gardens :)
Perfect if you want to relax and discover new sounds!

12 tracks
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@ladylindy "Go ahead, I won't judge". ;-) (frozen ref) Oh, if you're talking about women in powerful positions, I recommend reading Jung Chang's latest book about Cixi and watching Raise The Red Lantern (红灯高高挂) to get a feel of how educated women were treated in a domestic power struggle – of course, if you haven't watched them already. :-) Good luck!

I simply LOVE your mixes! This one in particular is my favorite now, because I'm an admirer of Asian Culture and this mix is totally beautiful! Thank you for that, I listened while I was reading Descartes for my college homework. Amazing, as usual!

you'extremely kind! I think I'll add some tunes from the 'Empresses in the palace' soundtrack later btw!
and good luck with your college work :)

@ladylindy Haha, not so distant for me because I am Asian, and Chinese to boot. Nonetheless, I FEEL YOU TOO – thank you for calling my culture "fascinating" and having such a good playlist; my mum recognised several songs!

OMG REALLY I feel like I've accomplished a mission or something since your mom recognized them imma cry ç___ç

yea I'm really interested in Chinese history, I'm doing several reseraches on Fu Hao and women in powerful positions lately so I got inspired with all this music ahaha <3

I have been looking for something like this all my life! Looks like I'll be loving your setlists (from glancing at your other collections).