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Notes from the Palace of Versailles


Back to the old times, where the Palace of Versailles was home to the most glamorous court of Europe. Enjoy the musicians and composers of that time - such as Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Antonio Vivaldi, François Coupern & more - while you're flirting using your fan or drinking champagne with the King.

[Cover: Boucher, portrait of the Marquise de Pompadour]

19 tracks
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yay i'm so glad you liked it - and my introduction, buahaha! - i was kind of inspired by the atmosphere of versailles xD

This mix is the best! -- I'm studying for my AP Euro midterm and it's always great to have some Baroque to jam to. Versailles is ten times more relatable when I've got Lully and friends by my side! ;D Thanks so much-- <3