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Smooth morning vibes


Wake up and enjoy your breakfast / morning meditation with some jazzy, acoustic and bossanova music. Including sweet voices such as Madeleine Peyroux, Vanessa da Mata, Norah Jones and more.
It's so soothing :)

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Saturday morning. Family at home. Feeling worn after hard week. We had breakfast one after one. I was trying to gather strength for the gym, but this music... This Music called for something else. We all did something else. I went into a slumber on the sofa, my wife brought out clay and made pottery - two beautiful tea cups, Raku style - while playing with our son. In my rest I heard the music and my loved ones. It made me feel surrounded by love and light. This fall is warm and sunny in Sweden. This day is full of flow.

@andiros this is beautiful. I'm so happy for you, since you and your loved ones could relax a little... hope you have a great weekend. Cheers :)

I was having some real bad dreams this past week. Although I don't remember any of them but I always used to wake up with this bad feeling down in my soul like something is very wrong. I put this mix on last night before I went to bed and althought I don't remember much of my dream but I do remember it sure as hell wasn't a bad one. woke up with a smile today. thanks. :)

@Atif666 these are the comments that keep me motivated to create mixes! i am incredibly happy to know that this helped you in some way! all the best x

I was in a hurry nowadays. But this morning, I woke up, washed my face and went to kitchen. I made myself a very nice breakfast and put the plates on the table, sat on the chair. Then I thought, some music would be good. Found this mix and ate slowly. I was (and still) feeling happy. So that, after I had my breakfast, I cleaned the kitchen (which was in a mess and looks like an old warfare) while listening to this mix. And I... just wanted to thank you. I feel today's going to be a good day. :)

@Nongras oh my. that was exactly wat i was hoping for while creating the mix: to put someone in a good mood to start the day, relaxing, chilling a bit... i am so happy to read this. sometimes we deserve some time for ourselves! thank you for your lovely comment and for listening.