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String section


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This is by far my favourite string (cello, violin, viola etc.) music. Some tracks are quite well known, while others are little gems.
Most of this music is also thought to make you concentrate and/or be efficient!

♫ Featuring many baroque / classical composers such as Antonio Vivaldi, Luigi Boccherini, Niccolò Paganini & more.
[Cover by Orazio Gentileschi]

12 tracks
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hey honey its amazing but i just thought if you can create playlist solely by artist??? i havent seen anyone does that? like its imposible for me to upload music frol youtube but i hope you can upload the full 24 caprices? x

yo thanks!
i've thought about this, and i have some drafts of one-artist-mixes, basically i just have to find all the possible versions I have of the compositions by that particular artist and then edit the mix with the performer's names. Think I'll create a vivaldi one but a pagani i one would be quite interesting too! Thanks for your tip :)