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The love of a damned soul


Entering a medieval cathedral, with veiled women, monks, the smell of incense, prayers whispered.

Lots of latin Gregorian / Byzantine Chants, early polyphony, Palestrina & co :)

"Upon the face of this old queen of the French cathedrals, beside each wrinkle we find a scar." - Victor Hugo, Notre-Dame de Paris

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Listening to this playlist to help me relax through chronic pain makes for a deeply transcendent experience. Instead of being in tears from physical discomfort, I found myself deeply moved by the music in a way I did not expect, since I listen to a lot of medieval music. Thanks so much for this truly beautiful playlist. I can tell I'll be listening to it a lot.

I know how you feel. Sometimes I listen to music as a therapy too, suffering from anxiety and really annoying mood swings myself.
This kind of music slowly turns everything into a metaphysical experience

@ladylindy : I feel not like I'm there at that age, but like I belong to itself. I smell that flower scent by the path towards a cathedral, leaving an apple on a grave in memoriam of the souls (today it's their feast), praying for a close happy harvest in the next spring. Oh, That Mountain of God, let's climb forever! ;)

@thelionmachine exactly, i'd love to have some sort of time machine to visit those ancient times just temporarily and feel the way those folks must have felt back then, entering magnificent churches...