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The realm of fairies


In the enchanted forest: rosebuds, little magical creatures flying here and there, playing instruments, drinking from raindrops. Observing the Little People around you.

Soft tunes, (some soundtrack / instrumental and some very mellow songs in various languages) perfect for your focusing & relaxing in a magical atmosphere.

Cover by Kilian Schoenberger

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16 tracks
6 comments on The realm of fairies

I've been scouring the internet for decent playlists for writing about the fairies and this is the best one I've found so far. Beautiful work. Really appreciated the inclusion of the fairy dance from the live action Peter Pan, took me right back to my imaginative childhood.

You have this tremendous ability to violently grab me from my morning coffee rest, and throw me in a world of mysticism, ancient forests and sacred lands. Terrific playlist. As whimsical and alluring as your music ear, capable of dragging everyone in it's menacing and enchanting vortex. And the whole time I wasn't able to take off my mind Virginia Wolf's words: ''Nature nature take me, I am your bride''.

@Elias.Blackwood omg, thank you so much for this incredible comment. i can really get your enthusiasm about my mix, and your words are so kind and appreciated. People like you really give me a lot of motivation to continue creating this stuff :D THANK YOU AGAIN