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Grace & Frankie

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I´m looking for "Samba e Amor" with Joel Frankel, which finishes the 8th episode. The playlist in youtube has the original brazilian singer Caetano Veloso. I´d really would like this version with Joel Frankie. Does anyone can help me?

@bruceedwarddempsey Thats the one song I think that I could not find! I think the lyrics were: "Summer facing the stars. Wrote my name in the shiny light, but that was all last night, while i was sleeping and i was dreaming of what should come. He had a rock n roll band.......then it turned to sand, while he was sleeping and he was dreaming of what should come" but other than that, I havent found it yet.

Thank You! I have a spent about four hours trying to find all these songs! How did you do it!!? SO appreciated it. I'm going to make this 'soundtrack' as a birthday gift to my dad; who will love it!

@mollylouisechappell you're welcome! its was a team effort with my mom. We googled and shazammed and tunefindered until we found everything we could. I replaced some songs with similar covers for the ones I couldn't find which I'll replace with the correct songs when I do find them. But for now I think this is good. Im glad you found it helpful. Hope your dad likes it!!!! (