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~ till we're 70 {for my love}


A mix of songs for my beloved girlfriend - and companion of a lifetime.
These are mostly pop songs (with some ballad here and there) to listen to on your way to university, happily jumping around and singing to the top of your lungs.
I know you'll laugh as soon as you reach track ten - yes, I really had to.
Moreover: track twelve has male pronouns and it doesn't really fit with me and you, but I just had to put it in because, you know, sweet memories.
As for that last one... I'm not sure if I ever actually sang it with you and I honestly find it less relatable than the others, but it reminds me of how we met, so I think it fits as a closure for the mix.
I love you, baby.
{This also works as a mix for all of you girls loving other girls. Enjoy!}

14 tracks
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