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if you're lonely come be lonely with me

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I have a thing for chronological playlists orchestrating their entire journey and the concept just works really well with the music here. Aside from the Bagginshield undertones here and there, I personally like a lot of the songs very, very much and it's overall a nice addition to the mixes I frequently come back and listen to. Thank you so much!

Ohmygosh! When i get a better computer i will definitely make a bagginshield video with The Adventure!

Awesome fanmix i love it! ♥

it'll take a while 'cause i'm nowhere rich enough to buy a new computer (and i'm slooow making videos ahaha orz) but i sure will send it to you! uvu

YEP yep yep!! (I did check your profile cause I figured you might be from tumblr lmfao) but no worries! If you ever get the chance!! (And I know how that goes I've got so many unfinished videos that I started monthssss ago)