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Electronic Study III


Third installment in the Electronic Study series. Mix of busy and laid back electronica, leading into heavy electro sounds in the end.

Artists Savant, Dusky, & Adventure Club. Made for listening during homework and projects - it is too busy to try to read to.

18 tracks
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sorry for all the comments but Ive been thru too much last 2 1/2 yrs, 2 deaths of VIP family, etc., just realized I previously purchased & have on my cell 13 songs from OVERWERK!! & if it weren't for this PL- who knows how long it wouldve taken me to remember & add them to an Electronic PL!! thanks a million! &!not to worry I will still be checking out the rest of this PL tomorrow!!

oh shit i didnt realize the comments were meant for the whole PL! i thought it was for each track! LOL well i meant OVERWERK in above comment-1st tune & i was just going to say I really

❤️it!! first time I've seen this band except for the first time i heard them in 1 of the Music Apps that act kinda like a Search Engine & ability to download free music from many great artists- at time mostly unknown though, yrs ago, anyways great tune!!