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New Beginnings peaceful mix


Great tracks that are calming to your soul. If you need to study or take a break from life, this will be perfect for you!

11 tracks
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"Set The Fire To The Third Bar" made me cry because there are 5000 miles oceans and continents between me and my beloved. Thank you for your great mixes!

Oh my goodness! Well, love even at a long distance is wonderful. Hope you can be together sometime soon! So happy you like my music! Can't imagine life without love or music!

Me either my friend, I can't imagine life without Love and Music. Thank you so much for your kind reply and your beautiful music!! :-) Yes we will be together soon thank God. We have been separated by distance for eight months. Thank you so very much!! :-)

Still is much better than radio. I still can't get over how incredible this site is!! I only wish I lived in a country that had larger bandwidth services...we get 80gigs of data a month in Canada...$2.25/gig after that...

That's sad :(
We have quite cheap internet here. 1MBps download (quarter of MBps upload) with unlimited traffic is around 28 euros a month

Thanks for the advice - I have a number of others that are just instrumental mixes if you need mixes without any vocal tracks at all. I kinda like this one just the way it is, but I will think about it!

Good mix, some really good tracks...slight edit maybe to take out the vocal tracks ;) Currently studying and listening to A Day Without Rain after a rain shower :)