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Stisaac - Serial Killer!AU playlist

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@Foggypebble Yeah this song is awesome! I have this song on my computer thanks to a friend who gave it to me a few years ago, but I'm sure you can find it on Youtube and use clipconverter to download the music from it.

If someone knows where we can download it legally, don't hesitate guys.

I searched all of the internet including iTunes and Amazon for that 8ten song, can you tell me where you got it? jnj I need it, it's one of the best songs I've heard in a long time, I have a thing for songs about voids and feeling 'trapped'.

Incredible fanmix by the way, every song makes my heart pound like I could go on a killing spree or something. This isn't the kinda music I normally listen to (screaming, electronic sounding) but I loved every song! Makes me wanna catch up on Teen Wolf.

Ahah I'm glad to hear that. These songs are awesome when you want to write about serial killers and stuff like that. They are so disturbing, weird and so deep at the same time, it's insane.