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Anime Nostalgia


Songs related to Manchete Channel and Animekê competitions that I like. If you remember another song, let me know!
Ps.: There is a couple of songs that are tokusatsu xD.

  • Chikyuugi (Hades Opening) by Saint Seiya
  • Hohoemi no bakudan by martin25180
  • Komm, Susser Tod-Come, Sweet Death-,Arianne by Evangelion
  • Denno Keisatsu Cybercops Ost by
  • evolution theme by [digimon adventure]
  • Dragon Screamer by DA PUMP
  • Shizuku by Great Teacher Onizuka
  • 05-kawamoto makoto by 1-2
  • Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku by Ost. Dragon Ball GT
  • Catch You Catch Me by グミ
  • Butter-Fly (original karaoke) by 和田光司
  • Driver's High by Great Teacher Onizuka
  • HXH by HxH
  • Friends by (Soul Hunter)
  • [] by FLCL Hybrid Rainbow
  • Sobakasu by Judy and Mary
  • 深い森 by Do As Infinity
  • Tercer Impacto by Magic Knight Rayearth
  • The real folk blues by suliman815
  • NerdifyMe by Saint Seiya
  • The Pillows by the pillows
  • The Biggest Dreamer by Digimon
  • Houki Boshi by 0st. Bleach
  • Ore ga Seigi da! Jaspion! (Opening) by Ai Takano
24 tracks
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