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Be entranced

Notes a whirlpool of unsettled emotions

Not depressing
Just haunting

(...for when i'm not listening to korean music)

Check out Daughter's first ever album "If You Leave" following their addictive mini EP "The Wild Youth" <3

21 tracks
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Your music taste is amazing. You have the perfect balance of korean vs non-korean music, ranging in all the different genres of music. I'm so glad I found your 8tracks :D

Your taste is beyond amazingness!!!
p.s: ... my non-korean music is relatively almost non-existent compared to korean hahaha (just 1 mix)

Maybe I said that because I'm the same? My iTunes is 90% Korean music and I'm hoping to expand on it because it's mainly k-pop but I've been getting into k-indie and hip-hop alot more in the past year :D

I think I got into k-indie before kpop and then k-hiphop ve recently discovered quite a few non-korean gems!!! Will make a playlist one day!

Ahhhh you have Daughter on here, they're my favorite band! I like them even more than all of the kpop bands I listen to. That was a pleasant surprise <3

It was an instant love at first song with Daughter! I can't believe i missed them last May when they came...and they'll be here in august but I can't go....

Aw ): They're coming relatively close to where I live in September (two states down but close enough to be honest ;A;) so I'm hoping my parents will let me go...

I really like this mix! It's a great study and relaxing companion and it is full of song that are easy to listen to. This has become one of my favourite mixes! ❤

Sorry! Can't help you there :( The first time I heard songs from this lovely range of artists from this amazing genre is from this playlist actually! Hope you find some new songs soon! <3