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Pregame Mix


Eight tracks including music by Zeds Dead, Jazzsteppa and Vaski. Crack one, shotgun one, take shots, beer bong it, keg stand, do whatever just start drinking. I had to rep the TC with this mix ; )

8 tracks
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I used to play in a polka band in my high school along with jazz band, concert band and marching band. I listen to almost every genre that I get a chance to hear, even some Indian throat music. Now I may not have heard everything, but that doesn't mean I am not open to it. I make Dubstep playlists because I produce Dubstep. I also have been travelling the world since I was 5 so I did have a very large amount of exposure to non-american culture to help in my music diversity.

Indeed... Very Epic. But I must say, "You love all types of music" is quite a broad, sweeping statement that I don't believe. I want to see you jam out to polka music.