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No dream for itself but the dreams of others ♪


I remember my father saying this, 'Our tastes evolve when it comes to food, fashion and books, yet we remain faithful to the music collections of the formative years.'

Well, here's a selection of music that I have recently been acquainted with. Tracks include: Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.

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Not to post too much spam I need to let you know I appreciate you asking for my opinion. C: This mix is a bit different than other two of yours I loved but I've listened to it a couple of times either. I'm not so much into... idk, this kind of old music, yet the mix is a really good company to spend an evening with. C: @lamski.portrait are you maybe into chatting some more than only in your mixs comments? :3

@kativelios Of course, I am on Twitter @Aslam_H4PTFO and Skype: Kaplan_Aslam Hussain - Thanks again for your honest feedback, very much appreciated. Like you say, it's good company especially on weekends ;)

George Melly wrote, “This living for the present is… what separates pop culture from traditional culture.… It is to be explained by the fact that young people tend to reject their past as a time before they had independence, and to fear the future, as a time when they will be forced into assuming responsibilities.

When music evolved into its current form in the 1950s, it was the cultural preserve of teenagers or very young twentysomethings, rebelling against social conservatism and the tedium of family life, and placing distance between their dreams and recent history.