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Through the disintegrating ambience and sublunary


Music which moves forward to distant places while offering rare intimacy as well, arriving somewhere from rock to folk songs. That re-verb drenched instrumental meshes with swathes of noise while vocals float high above a world of textural atmosphere.

- Tracks including music by Lissie, Martin Harley and The Family Crest.

11 tracks
1 comment on Through the disintegrating ambience and sublunary

Yeah, so.... another mix of yours which I've fallen in love with. Guess you already have a huge fan in me. Nothing left but to hope you'll create another playlist soon. Or just pass me a link to your yt favourites list... That'd be nice.

@kativelios Hi Kati, Thank you very much for your kind comment. Which will go a long away in creating another playlist - At the moment, I have been listening to really early stuff from Swtichfoot, Linkin Park, Nico Vega, System of a Down, Joan Baez, Bloc Party and Muse etc...

@kativelios Hi Kati, I am not sure if had listened to my new playlist (>")> "No dream for itself but the dreams of others ♪" (if you did before, I have now added some more tracks to the list - Tell me what you think? Many Thanks)