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bon courage


For everyone taking on exams, major assignments, projects, and papers - bon courage! Yet another period of intense studying and hard work, but we will all make it.

Here's my way of saying "You can do this!", with music that inspires me with courage and endurance when feeling overwhelmed with studying. I hope you all do well in school and work - take heart, persevere, and look forward to the holidays!

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Oh my goodness, I just found your profile....all of your playlists look amazing. I wish I could listen to all of them at once!! Lovely! Also, I read the biography that's linked on your profile, and was glad to find that you love God, too-- it brightened my day a lot. Ok, I'll calm down now :)

Thanks for your comments everyone! This is one of the mixes I'm most proud of, and I'm hope it's serving you all well in your studies! Bon courage et bonne chance !

your mixes are keeping me afloat during finals week. i love them all, but this and "carpe diem" are two of my most favorites

I'm in love with this mix! it's indeed excellent for studying, but I was very startled when "Preparation" from The Chamber Orchestra started playing because its the Downton Abbey main theme. i just wasn't expecting that haha.