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Bright Lights, New City


It's been almost 3 months since I moved to a new city and while I'm starting to feel at home, there's still so much to get used to - the huge crowds, the urban jungle, the things to do everywhere you look. It's hard to imagine that living here will feel normal soon enough!

This is the sequel to Homecoming ( and it's dedicated to C., whom I hope will have her own big city adventure very soon.

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I am in love with ALL your playlists, thank you so much for everything!! I'm in my senior year of high school now and they have gotten me all the way through! Thank you again!!

I love your playlists! I hope that once you get used to your urban jungle you will continue to make playlists for us that don't have to conventional office; I work from home; coffee shops; corner stores with a table etc... This is my way to concentrate on work when all I would really like to do is people watch or surf the internet! Thank you!

@veronique.h sorry for the late reply! It's encouraging to hear that my mixes are helpful not just for students but also those working! Hope you enjoy :)