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for those unafraid of toil


Dedicated to my fellow honey badgers, from the first years to the thirtieth years.

This mix is my contribution to the sea of Harry Potter inspired mixes on 8tracks. As a Hufflepuff through and through, it seems fitting that I would make study mixes to encourage myself to put in one more hour of focus and endurance. Here's a spirited, uplifting and slightly fantastical instrumental mix for the just and loyal, the patient and true, and those unafraid of a little hard work. Whether it's a marathon study session, a long day at work, a stack of assignments, or some books to devour, make like a Hufflepuff and get 'er done!

cover art: Hufflepuff Common Room on Pottermore

55 tracks
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I keep coming back to this one. Thank you from the word-counts of my papers and the diagrams of my Physiology notes. :) I feel like this playlist loves me back, if a playlist can do that... Thanks so much!