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Intravenous Optimism


At the beginning of every semester, it takes a while to get back to a routine. Here's a positivity boost to get you through your first assignments and readings.

Joyful, carefree, and slightly quirky instrumental soundtracks and classical covers to keep you in a state of optimism while getting work done. Don't be surprised to find yourself tapping your feet on the library carpet, or smiling at strangers!

50 tracks
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Hey there! So, I LOVE this playlist :) super upbeat and cheerful, and great for studying!! The only song I felt like didn't fit was "Hogwarts March" by Patrick Doyle--it's a nice song, but it's actually the song that's playing in the scene where Harry apparates out of the maze with Cedric's body, and it's a super painful and heartwrenching scene. Hearing that song on here threw me off a little bit! I really love the rest of this playlist though, thank you so much for putting it together :)

Your lists are just magical! So obsessed with them! But hey, how do you upload more than 2 songs from the same artist? Sometimes I want to put 3 an 8tracks wouldnt let me, its there any special way to do so?? (:

@fer.yareli Thank you! As for adding more than 2 tracks, I made this mix back when 8tracks actually allowed 3 tracks per artist. Since they changed the rules, I've basically just stuck with 2 tracks per artist - they've gotten really good at detecting when you change the artist's name! Sorry I can't be of more help!