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life in still motion


A major theme for me this past year has been learning to find the beauty in the everyday, to find those moments in the mundane that remind me of how glorious life really is. Sometimes I wander the halls of museums or art galleries and marvel at the life and movement captured in pieces of art or history. The magical moments happen when the connection to a piece is so great that it feels as if I am the still, inanimate piece observing living breathing art.

Here's an instrumental mix to help you find a little glimpse of beauty and inspiration in your work, studies, or moments of relaxation.

Image: Kunsthalle Hamburg Art Gallery (source unknown)

45 tracks
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I adored the OST for Testament of Youth and I really feel like not enough people have been exposed to it. So, thank you for starting your playlist off with it. I already know I'm going to love the rest of it :)

This playlist is my favorite playlist on 8 tracks. I constantly come back to listen to it in its entirety, and there isn't a single track on this playlist I haven't starred! Great job with the track listing - it just flows from one melody to another!